Writing about math has helped me in many ways. The first way is due to typing practice. Along with everything else in computer class, writing these math blogs is good practice for my typing. Writing has also helped me in another way. Being able to write about math topics allows me to make sure that I understand the topic and that I know what I'm blogging about. Let's just say, it refreshes my mind on these topics and it allows me to not forget these topics.
          Basically, writing about math has helped me learn and understand things more about math. Math is my least favorite subject, but I still enjoy learning different things about. There's so many different topics in math, it's really incredible once you think about it. It's all one big picture connecting to every thing else in life. For example, this math blog is about how writing about math has helped me. It has helped me because it allowed me to remember all the things I already learned about or currently still learning about. What I'm trying to say that I think writing these math blogs are important because they refresh my memory on the things I have already learned. 

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