Did you know that you could graph a line based on a formula (y=m(x)+b)? The "m" in the equation is the slope, the "x" is the integer, and the "b" is the y-intercept. Take y=5x-3 as an example.  If the y intercept is negative, instead of the addition sign, it will be a subtraction sign. So now that we know the equation, how do we graph a line? Well, that is pretty easy to figure out. 
       First, you have to find the y-intercept. In this case, the y-intercept is -3. I know this because it is in the formula. Once you know that, then you could start graphing the line. You would start at -3, then go up 5 units. If the 5 was negative, you would go down 5 units. When you get to the location, you move 1 unit to the right. That's how you graph a line based on the equation. It's not that difficult to understand once you know the formula. 

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