Writing about math has helped me in many ways. The first way is due to typing practice. Along with everything else in computer class, writing these math blogs is good practice for my typing. Writing has also helped me in another way. Being able to write about math topics allows me to make sure that I understand the topic and that I know what I'm blogging about. Let's just say, it refreshes my mind on these topics and it allows me to not forget these topics.
          Basically, writing about math has helped me learn and understand things more about math. Math is my least favorite subject, but I still enjoy learning different things about. There's so many different topics in math, it's really incredible once you think about it. It's all one big picture connecting to every thing else in life. For example, this math blog is about how writing about math has helped me. It has helped me because it allowed me to remember all the things I already learned about or currently still learning about. What I'm trying to say that I think writing these math blogs are important because they refresh my memory on the things I have already learned. 
I have learned many different and challenging things in my 7th grade year in math. It's not really my favorite subject either, so that's what makes it more difficult. I really don't know which topic was the hardest for me though. I would have to say word problems in general. I really, really hate word problems. Some of the word problems involve a lot of thinking. I remember when we had to do this task about a goat, and we had to figure out how many lands of grass he could eat with the given amount of land. That was one of the hardest tasks I've done! After turning it in, I still don't understand it that well, but I tried my best. 
        Overcoming the challenge of solving word problems hasn't really been "achieved." I still have times when I really get stuck on word problems, but most of the time I do figure it out. It just takes me awhile to think about it, and it really gives my brain a tickle. Most of the word problems that is given to us for homework or class work involves solving for an unknown amount of something. It is also usually put into an equation, and also, in most cases, we have to create our own formula. If the word problem had a diagram to show the problem, that wouldn't be too difficult for me. But if the problem just had 90% of words and 10% of numbers, it would really be challenging for me. I learned that working hard and trying your best will pay off at the end. I feel so relieved when I finally get the answer to a word problem I have been working on for hours!