This blog will be all about Pi. I'm not talking about the pie that we eat for dessert, but the pi that is used in many problems in math! Pi is a number that has like 50 numbers in it; I think it goes on forever! The first 3 numbers of it is 3.14. That are all the numbers that I know in Pi. As a fraction, Pi is 22/7. I don't think I have used Pi in 7th grade pre-algebra yet, but I do remember using some of it in 6th grade. I remember that we used Pi to find the diameter and radius of a circle. That's all I could really think of right now when it comes to using Pi. 
          Why is Pi special, and what's so awesome about it? Well, if you're a math lover, I think you would know all about Pi, but for me, I don't. I think Pi is special and it's been used for a while now because it helps us solve certain problems, such as the one I stated in the 1st paragraph. I'm not certain of this, but I also think that Pi is the circumference of a circl

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