Today is Friday! Woohoo! It's not just a regular weekend either; it's a 3 day weekend, again! I have many things planned for this weekend. One of things I'm going to do is going to see snow!! It will be my first time, and I hope it's as amazing as I think it is. This experience should be very memorable. I hope I get to learn how to snowboard and make snow angels (I always wanted to do that!!!) Another exciting part of the weekend is the SUPERBOWL! I'm super excited for that, no words can explain my happiness for my 49ERS! We are definitely going for a 6th SuperBowl win! And I can't wait to witness that!  Then of course, I will find time to relax and do all of my homework and read. This weekend should be very awesome!!! 
          This week has been busy and awesome at the same time My friend's birthday, Journi, was on Thursday and we celebrated at school. That was fun. The girls JV and V Basketball teams also had a game against Kings Canyon and both of our Computech teams beat them!!! Sadly, I didn't score any points, but I will make sure of that next time. Well, I hope YOU have a good one!!!! 

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