I think the most effective program that will help me remember and learn all about Microsoft would actually be the Microsoft practices and video lessons. Ribbon Hero 2 is also helpful, but I don't think it would help me remember it forever because it is just gives a quick lesson and goes on. It also doesn't correct your mistakes when you do it wrong. It just doesn't mark it down the goal you haven't done correctly.  Ribbon Hero 2 is also very short and straight forward, and that's what I like about it. What I dislike about the Microsoft videos is that they are very long, and they can get boring. The practices for Microsoft Word are sometimes confusing but after redoing the steps, it becomes easy and I learn from it because I actually took the time to do it correctly. 
       The Microsoft practices and videos really help me how to use Microsoft to its fullest potential. Although it takes awhile to get through the lesson, it is still effective. So if I had to pick which program is more effective, I would go with Microsoft. As much as I dislike sitting through the long videos, it still helps me learn. 

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