Today is January 25th and it's my birthday!! My day has been going very well so far. I received many presents (junk food) from my friends, and lots and lots of hugs and birthday wishes. I appreciate all of it because it's what makes this day special! Now I can't wait to go home and celebrate it with my family and my best friends. I'm also excited for the weekend because it has been another long, tiring week of school and I need a break. I also have to prepare for my first basketball game next week! I'm super excited for that. 
          I made the basketball team! Yay! I'm so happy that I did. I feel like my hard work has paid off because I was practicing a lot. So far, we are learning defensive skills. I'm not use to it yet, but I know I will understand it soon. It's not that difficult either. Yesterday, we got to choose are jersey numbers!! I was also excited for that. Basketball has been fun and made some new friends. I think we are going to be a great team this year. 

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