Today is Friday! I'm pretty nervous and excited for today. The reason why I'm  nervous is because today are basketball cuts for the team. I hope I really really realllyyy make the team because I love basketball! I know I have tried my hardest and I did my best, so now all I have to do is hope I made it. A lot of my friends say I'm going to make it for sure, but I'm not that confident. I know I should be, but I have my doubts! Even if I don't make it, I would still be happy for those who did and try out again next year. 
      On the other hand, I'm excited because it's Friday and the weekend is here. It is not just a 2 day weekend, BUT 3 DAYS! Hopefully I get to hang out with my friends and family. I'm also ready to relax because it has been a long, crazy week. I am also looking forward to watch my 49ers play against the  Falcons!! Woohoo! We are definitely taking it to the Superbowl this year! This is going to be my Friday and weekend. I also hope that we don't have any homework this weekend. Well anyway, have a good one everybody! 
1/18/2013 03:44:10 am

OK GIRL! I need to come hang out with you this weekend for a weekend just like yours! Sounds fun and I totally agree about the whole homework thing! I mean, really, who doesn't! Hope you have a great 3 day weekend!

P.S. GO 49ERS!!!!!!!!!


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