I LOVE THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! They're the best team ever. Even though they aren't as amazing as the OKC Thunder, or Miami Heat, they're still a great team to me. They have the best players in the league, such as my personal favorite, Stephen Curry! He's like the best 3 point shooter in the league and I'm proud to be his fan. Well anyway, the last game they played was against the New Orleans Hornets. Wow, that was such a great game! I had to delay my homework for another hour just to watch this intense game. We had a rough start. In the first half, the Hornets were leading by 7. But you know that we couldn't keep it like that. We quickly got back into our zone. David Lee was on fire! He had the majority of rebounds and had nice shots. So did Jarret Jack and of course the Human Torch! Curry scored only  15 points, but he made 5 threes which was a tremendous comeback. This was our 5th time beating the Hornets at the Oracle Arena.
            We are currently holding the 6th place for the playoffs. Our magic number is 3! Hopefully we will move our position tonight against the Phoenix Suns. It should be a very good game. Two more games and we will clinch a playoff berth! Lets go DUBS!! #dubnation

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