Yay! It is finally Friday! I'm excited about the weekend again. This weekend I plan on doing homework, relaxing, and practicing for basketball. I really don't know what else to do. It has been a very long week and I just want to take a break from reading, writing, and learning. We had a lot  things going on this week, like new projects, writing samples, tests, etc. It can be very stressful stressful sometimes. This week we had a writing sample about a poem. It was response to literature, and we had to read a poem called "The Highwayman". I think that was a really interesting poem, but it was the type that you had to read more than twice to understand it. 
     I think I did really good on that, so hopefully I get the grade I think I deserve. It wasn't hard, the only difficult part was analyzing the poem and making sure your reader understand.  I hope everybody has a great weekend! 

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