It was our first loss of the season. During the whole half of the game, we were in the lead, and the game was in our control. But it was during the 4th quarter that our game was getting intense. It was back to back, and the scores were always close. The score was 26-24, Computech still in the lead. Our only goal was to keep the ball in our hands, and to prevent them from scoring. But something happen, and it just wasn't good enough. They scored, so it was a tie, 26-26. This led to over time! It was my first overtime ever playing for a team. I felt the pressure, and I could tell the rest of my teammates did too. We had only 3 minutes to defend, steal, score, and win.  The crowd was cheering from the sidelines. I felt like I was in a real NBA game!!!
         We all did our parts in the team. But I guess we all panicked and rushed it at the second. We all tried our best, and I think we played a very great game. At the end, Tenaya won by 4 points. I'm still proud of my team for not giving up. I love my team regardless!!!

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