Two more days until winter break is here! I'm so excited because we have 3 weeks away from school. What I am looking most forward to during winter break  is Christmas. I love Christmas, not only for the presents, but also for the delicious food and the presence of my whole family. Every year, I always looks forward to Christmas because I'm so anxious to open my gifts! Christmas is a very jolly holiday for my family and we always have a good time. This year, we plan on meeting up at my cousins house, and opening our presents there. My other cousins from the bay area are also coming to town so I'm excited for that. 
     Another thing I look forward to is practicing basketball for the basketball tryouts!! I love basketball and the tryouts are right when we come back from winter break. So I think the the majority of my winter break will consist some dribbling and shooting. I love basketball and I hope I make the team. Since the new year is during winter break, I hope I will start it off in a good way. I want to make sure I get rid of bad habits and improve my traits. 

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