Do you know what the Columbian Exchange is?  The Columbian Exchange was a way for people in the Americas and Europe to exchange goods, plants, animals and ideas. Although most times it was a good thing, it also had some bad effects to it. For example, Europe brought diseases to the Americas. That isn't always a good thing because it can affect the population and the crops that are needed. 
        Despite the negative effects, the Columbian Exchange was important to both areas. It was a very helpful thing. Some positive effects involve all the different things they exchanged. The Americas had what Europe wanted, and Europe had what the Americas wanted. So it worked out both ways. Some of the things they exchanged were crops such as tomatoes, beans, potatoes, bananas, sugar canes, etc. They didn't really "exchange." The people brought it with them. So basically, it was like bringing stuff to a whole new place. Europe brought Christianity to the Americas and they taught people their language. From that, people in the Americas learned a lot. The Columbian Exchange had some bad outcomes, but it was used for a long time. 

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