What I look forward to the most during Spring Break is sleeping. I can't wait to stay in bed all day, maybe even all week! I just want a lot of rest during Spring Break because that's I do best. I could finally relax without worrying about homework or catching up with late assignments in class. Another thing I look forward to is hanging out with my family and my friends. I don't really have anything awesome planned for Spring Break, but I know that my family and friends and I will have something to do. 
           Spring Break should be cool because I'm not going to really do anything, which is perfect for me. I want to just stay home and relax because I really am tired from school! But in a good way! I've been working really hard this quarter so I think I deserve a break. Besides I got straight A's again! Hopefully I can keep it going until 8th grade. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy your break! 

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