This year, I don't have that much resolutions because I know I might not accomplish them all. But I do have some important ones! I have about 3 for this year. My first resolution is to start reading more. I've developed a habit of not reading much, and I know that reading is good for you, so I want to increase my knowledge. I know that it will also pay off in the future. For example, if I have to read a 300 page book in college in 2 days, that wouldn't be a problem to me because I'm use to reading. So I want to get into that habit.
      My other resolution is to not stress over little things. Sometimes, I stress over the simplest things, such as passing a test, but I already studied and know everything. I think that if I stop stressing over the little things, I'll be happier and stress free. My last resolution is to stop doubting myself and have faith. Sometimes, I feel like I don't do enough to be good, but then I know that I work hard to be where I am at. Even if there's a chance of something going wrong, I need to be faithful and hope that whatever it is that I want is going to come true.  

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