If I were able to meet any of these two amazing artists, I would choose to meet Leonardo da Vinci. In case you don't know who he is, he was claimed as the Genius of the Renaissance. He was an amazing artist, sculptor, inventor, and even a towns planner. He also made maps. He painted the famous drawing of Mona Lisa. He also studied human anatomy, geography, and space. This man was truly fascinated by everything. He was a man of brilliant ideas. 
            It would be awesome to meet Leonardo da Vinci because he has almost every skill nobody has. Who actually can meet someone like that in their lives? It's almost impossible. It would be cool to look at all the stuff that he has thought of. It would also simply just be an honor to have a friend like that. Who wouldn't want to meet the person who basically invented and developed everything in our lives? I also wouldn't mind meeting Michelangelo either. Who ever I would be able to get to meet would be an honor. 

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