When Japan barely started off as a country, their culture was not known all over the world yet. Part of the reason for that is because Japan really didn't have a culture. They had their own language, but not a written one. Many years later, a Japan written language was developed thanks to China and Korea. They both had an influence on Japan's language, and they are sort of similar.  That is one of the important ideas Japan got from those two countries. Without a written language, there wouldn't be any historic records of any type of mail. 
       Another influence that Japan adapted from China and Korea was philosophy and religion. Japan didn't really have a traditional religion to follow, or a philosophy to live by, but that all changed when Japan was influenced by China and Korea. Korea brought Buddhism into Japan. Buddhism was already known in Japan, but it was not popular. It was pretty popular soon and it is one of the traditional religions in Japan. A philosophy called Confucianism was introduced to Japan from China. Confucianism taught how to properly behave in society, and also with family. Many people in Japan started to follow Confucianism teachings. 

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