Out of the 25 stations in the zoo, my favorite station was the sting rays station. It was my favorite station because we got to lay on our stomachs, and put our hands in the water to touch the sting rays. Unfortunately,  I didn't get to touch one because I think I moved around too much, or maybe they just didn't like me! Whatever the reason was, I was very close to touching one. Every time it swam by, I tried as hard as I could to try and touch it. But I had no luck! 
         I also learned a lot about the sting rays. I never really learned anything about them until I went to the zoo. All I knew about them is that they have a long tail, or ray, and they kinda have wings, but they're not wings. Basically, I knew how they looked. What I learned is that the sting rays don't come to you if you move around too much. I also learned that they are very fragile, and someone has pulled off its tail once! That's pretty sad to hear. 
          Another thing I learned from observing them is that some are small, and some are pretty big. There was another pool next to it, and that one had the baby sting rays and the healing ones. The baby sting rays were very adorable, and the sting rays that were once injured looked like they were feeling better now. My core teacher, Mrs. Frazier, was also there, displaying shark eggs! That was really cool to feel and touch. You don't get to see one everyday! (Not unless you go to the zoo everyday) 

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