There are have been many conclusions made on how both of these empires ended, but the endings are both similar in a way. They are similar because they both ended in a gradual way. No one knows if their decline happened due to climate change, over-demanding rulers, or shortage of crops, but we do know that  it ended gradually.  In case you didn't know what that meant, it means that the way that they declined happened slowly over the years. But the most important reason to their decline was their government. They were both overthrown by Spanish conquerors. 
           So, what was the cause of this gradual decline? Well, some things just don't happen all at once. If it was climate change, the climate was probably getting more drier over the years that have passed. If it was because of the rulers, people probably got fed up with all the unfair rules over the years. And if it was caused because of the shortage of crops, people probably passed away since there wasn't enough food for them or they probably moved to another area in search of good climate. Their army couldn't match with the Spanish conquerors. They had a larger number of people and they had better weapons.                                                                                                                        

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