As of lately, Christians and Muslims have been fighting over the control of the Holy Land. Each of them has lost and won some battles. But that's not the point. My uncle was invited by the pope to fight against the Muslims in the Holy Land. The problem is, my uncle is too old to fight. My father is already there fighting. I'm the only boy available to join this Crusade. My uncle tells me that if I do decided to fight for the Christians, it would be a very long journey just to get to the Holy Land. There will be risks along the way. Maybe the Muslims will find us traveling and decide to kill us; who knows. If I am fighting in the Crusade, it is a better chance of us winning, and making my family's empire more secure. I wouldn't want my old uncle to die in battle, either. 
     I must decide soon. But it's a really hard decision. Should I really risk my life for God? My whole family have been trying to convince me to go, and I think I am leaning on that choice. This will be such an experience for me. 

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