As I was roaming around the woods, desperately in search of food, I saw something in the shadow reflecting from the sun. As I went to take a closer look, it was dead man hanging on a tree. His clothes were ripped covered with blood, bugs were feasting from his wounds, and crows were nibbling on his feet. His tongue stuck out and it was very pale. There was also a note attached to him, and it had words on it. But I couldn't read them.  This made me realize that it may be a sign from God. He is probably telling me to be aware of my surroundings. Thank God I am still alive. This gave me the motivation to stay alive.
        I entered a random town. It was very deserted. Wagons were crushed, houses were breaking down, a well covered with mold, and there wasn't a single soul living in this town. Then I realize that this town was affected from the Great Plague. I was still in search of  food. When I entered a building that wasn't so crushed, I heard somebody singing. I was very surprised, so I had to find out who was it. When I did, it was a man. A real living man. But this is when I regret going to see who this person was. He first greeted me, asking me who I was and where I came from. I was a bit suspicious at first. When he offered me a piece of bread, I grabbed for it but he grabbed my hand as hard as a rock. He made me promise to him that I will be his slave!! I didn't know how to react to this. I was scared and shocked. How can this man do this to me? I had no choice but to obey him because he was too strong for me.
          So here I am, now a slave to someone I don't even know. I have no idea what this man is going to do to me, and I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. I feel so hopeless and lost. My life is ruined. This man has already given me an impression of a careless person. Imagine what he will do to me! Even if I try to run away, he will probably find me and take me back to Stormford where I will surely be killed from John Aycliffe. This man will probably always have me on check. May God please protect from harm.. 

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