The Chinese are known for many things, especially for  their achievements and creations. One thing I think that the Chinese are most acknowledged for is gunpowder. Without gunpowder, we wouldn't have all the weapons we have today and we also would've been going to war with probably just a bow and arrow.  Gunpowder is a very great achievement that the Chinese created. Also, because they were the first ones to make gunpowder, people who wanted to invade probably had second thoughts about it. I'm pretty sure it provided protection for them. 
   Another thing that the Chinese created was paper. What would we do without paper? We wouldn't have textbooks, letters, and other things that are on paper! I also think there wouldn't be any tissues, napkins, or anything useful to us without paper. Paper is very important to us to the modern world because we use it for almost everything. What the Chinese achieved back then is really helpful to us now in the modern world, so we have 

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