I honestly love autumn! It is my favorite season. Although it does rain a lot and gets very cold, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the weather. Well, as you know, there are a lot of things that happen during fall. I love everything about fall. The weather, the holidays, and football! It makes me feel very comfortable because on rainy days, you could just relax at home with the heater on, watch a movie, and drink hot chocolate. 
    I especially love the holidays. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because I get to spend it with my family, and of course all of the delicious food! There is also Thanksgiving break. That is my favorite break from school because there is no school on the most fun holidays. There is also Black Friday after Thanksgiving. I really like that event because I get to go shopping for really cool stuff that is on sale. The Big Fresno Fair is also during fall. The fair is always filled with excitement and fun, and also delicious food. 
    Another I love about fall is the fashion. You get to wear clothes that keep you very warm and cozy. I love wearing my boots, scarves, beanies, and fall-colored sweaters. I also love to see the color of leaves change. It is just so beautiful and bright. You also can't forget to watch your favorite football team play!
   I love fall!

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