It was a clear sunny day, and I was in a good mood. I was ready to end the day, and return back home to my family. As I was walking back to the village from the fields, I began to smell smoke from nearby. "Someone must be cooking something.", I thought. But as I got closer to the village, my smell for the smoke got worse. Curious, I quickly ran to my village. People were screaming, babies were crying.. I couldn't understand what was going on because it was too much. But then I saw ships sailing away from the river. That was when I realized that my village had caught on fire.
        I tried to help everyone I saw. Many homes in the village were burnt down into ashes. I felt so angry, and also devastated. Who would do this to my innocent village? Everyone quickly ran to river with buckets, and scooped up as much water as they could to set out the fires. I'm glad the village is not that far from the river, or else we wouldn't have the chance to save our homes. After everything was cooled down, everybody got together. I still don't know what caused this fire to happen. When everybody came together, they talked about it. It  seems that those ships that I saw sailing away were invaders. They had destroyed most of the city, and when they were on their way out, they also stuck our village. I was angry at this. Hopefully, our village won't be struck again and we continue to make our village stronger and better. 
     Charlemagne was an important figure in the Middle Ages because he accomplished many great things. One of the things he was most known for was rebuilding civilization; he was powerful and smart enough to do that. He expanded his army and empire, which made him well known around the world. Because he was intelligent and respected, he was crowned Emperor of  the Romans. That made a big impact on his life. 
        Being emperor not only meant to make right decisions, but it also meant dealing with big responsibilities. Charlemagne wasn't only known for his intelligence and greatness, but he was also known for his kindness. He cared for all of his people. Charlemagne made life better for all everybody, including poor people by providing them food, protection, and money. He also built schools, monasteries, palaces, churches. He ruled  for 47 years. 
     This year, I don't have that much resolutions because I know I might not accomplish them all. But I do have some important ones! I have about 3 for this year. My first resolution is to start reading more. I've developed a habit of not reading much, and I know that reading is good for you, so I want to increase my knowledge. I know that it will also pay off in the future. For example, if I have to read a 300 page book in college in 2 days, that wouldn't be a problem to me because I'm use to reading. So I want to get into that habit.
      My other resolution is to not stress over little things. Sometimes, I stress over the simplest things, such as passing a test, but I already studied and know everything. I think that if I stop stressing over the little things, I'll be happier and stress free. My last resolution is to stop doubting myself and have faith. Sometimes, I feel like I don't do enough to be good, but then I know that I work hard to be where I am at. Even if there's a chance of something going wrong, I need to be faithful and hope that whatever it is that I want is going to come true.