I'm so glad that Computech is fortunate enough to have classes that are just based on technology. Computer class really improved my life, and I really mean it! I have learned so much, all thanks to the best computers teacher, Mr. Kimbley! This class is just amazing. Since the modern world is mostly revolved around technology, this class help me understand how to use most things. For school, I learned how to use helpful programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, My Digital Life, and Power Searching with Google. All these programs are the main ones that have helped me with school.
          Learning how to use these different stuff made school life really convenient for me. At home, I'm able to educate other people with what I have learned. I'm also able to do more with homework. The things that I have learned I will certainly apply to my future. I've learned so much, so I just can't throw it all away. This class has taught me to use many different things. Thank you Mr. Kimbley! HAVE A GOOD SUMMER EVERYBODY!!!