Today is Friday, and we have a spirit rally!! I'm so excited because the rallies are always fun and exciting. The theme of the rally is the 80's. A lot of people are dressed like people from the 80's, and their outfits are funky-fresh! While I was in P.E, I seen the people of the leadership class set up all the posters and balloons in the gym.  I think they are very creative, and they do a good job with the rallies. Our daily schedule has also changed. Instead of going to 7th period after lunch, we have 7th period before lunch. The rallies are always done during 8th period. That means the day is going by fast, and it is shorter. I'm really looking forward to this spirit rally because I really enjoyed the first one! 
     I'm so excited for this weekend because we have 4 days off from school! That means 4 days away from writing, reading, and listening! But we do have some homework to do, but it is not that much, so I'm cool with that. Well anyway, today is a very special day for me because it is.. my MOM'S BIRTHDAY! I'm very excited  because she's my mom and its her birthday!! I'm going to try my best to make her feel very special on her 46th birthday! I was the very first one to wish her a happy birthday today, and I'm glad I woke up early enough to do so.
    Besides celebrating my mother's birthday, I really don't know what I am going to do this weekend. My 49ers are playing on Sunday so I have to be sure I watch the game. Other than that, I think I just might relax and hang out with my family. It is starting to get windy and cold, that means fall is really here!! Yay! And that also means that thanksgiving break is almost here!! That's even more exciting. I think November is one of the best months with all the different holidays and breaks.
     I'm so glad that this week is coming to an end. It has been very tiring, but yet very interesting too. During this week, it was Halloween. I enjoyed my Halloween because I spent it with my friends and siblings. I went to the Halloween Dance with my friends, and that was super fun! Then when I got home, I did my homework and waited for trick-or-treaters to ring my doorbell. After an hour or so, all the candy I had to give out was gone! I was surprised by how many people came to my house compared to last year. After that, I went out to eat for dinner with my siblings. Another highlight of my week was getting both a 100% on my blog and digital portfolio for computer class. I was glad because I really worked hard on that! 
   I'm not sure what are my plans for this weekend is, but I know I'm going to try my best to relax and also prepare myself for the science test on Monday. For sure, my weekend will involve some major studying. I also hope to see some rain over the weekend, because I love the rain!