I really don't know what to blog about, so I'm going to blog about the end of the school year. School is over in like 6 weeks. During the end of the school year, CST is being taken. I'm not too excited about that because it means long hours to reading and writing. I'm ready to get that over with and get to all the fun stuff. At the end of the school year, I'm looking forward to going to Wild Waters and going on the Zoo Trip. I can't wait for summer itself. These weeks are going to be busy, but it'll be fun. I'm also concerned with my grades!! I haven't started off the quarter as I thought I would, and I'm trying my best to get my grades as good as possible. 
        I'm anxious for the end of the school year. It feels like we just barely started school and now it's ending so suddenly. I can't wait for school to end, but the at the same time, I don't want it to because I'll miss my friends and my teachers. I'm glad I'll be back in 8th grade.
I'm so excited for today! My basketball team and I are going to Johns to celebrate our season. We are also going in a party bus! I think I'm more excited to go on the party bus than actually going to Johns Incredible. It will be my first time in my party bus and I know it will be super fun! I'm just so excited for that! It will definitely be a good start to my weekend, and it will be very fun with all of my teammates. When I get there, I'm going to eat a lot and I'm also going to try to play every game and go on every ride. 
        I'm also very excited for this weekend. It is going to be very busy, but I know I'm going to have plenty of fun. Hopefully I don't get assigned any homework from any of my classes because that will really ruin the weekend. I also have things to catch up with, but I know I'll get caught up eventually. Speaking of basketball, the Warriors are in the playoffs and we play Denver in the first round!! I'm so proud of them. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! 
Ok so Raymart wanna race against the flow, but he doesn't know that I can get out of control (OHHHHHH!) I'm not really good at this rap thing, but I know I'm not the worst, I take it to the beat and make a rehearse; Dub nation wasn't looking too good yesterday, but its ok because the Thunder is just great; no diss on my team, they're still one of the best, Curry on those 3s, and he doesn't rest; I'm running out of things to say, so I'm gonna keep it simple; today is Friday and I'm feelin like a pickle. Keisha wrote a lot so I'm probably going to lose, its ok because I have nothin to prove
          I'm seriously a horrible rapper but I tried my best. Raymart AKA WubWub AKA Keisha has been asking for a rap battle ever since last week. You should seriously check out his flow though!! I think I did really  bad becasue I really did! Well it's FRIDAY! And the weekend is here! This weekend it is time for all the Laotians to come together and celebrate Lao New Years. I hope everybody has a good weekend!! 
I LOVE THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! They're the best team ever. Even though they aren't as amazing as the OKC Thunder, or Miami Heat, they're still a great team to me. They have the best players in the league, such as my personal favorite, Stephen Curry! He's like the best 3 point shooter in the league and I'm proud to be his fan. Well anyway, the last game they played was against the New Orleans Hornets. Wow, that was such a great game! I had to delay my homework for another hour just to watch this intense game. We had a rough start. In the first half, the Hornets were leading by 7. But you know that we couldn't keep it like that. We quickly got back into our zone. David Lee was on fire! He had the majority of rebounds and had nice shots. So did Jarret Jack and of course the Human Torch! Curry scored only  15 points, but he made 5 threes which was a tremendous comeback. This was our 5th time beating the Hornets at the Oracle Arena.
            We are currently holding the 6th place for the playoffs. Our magic number is 3! Hopefully we will move our position tonight against the Phoenix Suns. It should be a very good game. Two more games and we will clinch a playoff berth! Lets go DUBS!! #dubnation